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The collar is often the most persistent symbol of commitment in the D/s orientation of the lifestyle.

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The collar is often the most persistent symbol of commitment in the D/s orientation of the lifestyle.

Collaring Rituals

The statement of responsibility and ownership. The comparison that is closest could be that the D/s collar is just a wedding band and the collaring ritual is the D/s wedding. This might be done in private, include just closest and most trusted of buddies or family members, or can be quite a ceremony that is large numerous witnesses – and everything in between.

I’ve written several rituals that are collaring each completely unique to the couple and their requirements. What transpires in a collaring ritual is individual preference, but talking generally, statements are manufactured by both parties as a statement of their comprehension of their relationship and also the commitment they’re making to one another with specific symbolic gestures to help cement the moment into the mind. In many cases it’s also cause for there to become a brand new agreement drawn and finalized during the ritual, to acknowledge the advancement for the relationship, duties, expectations, etc.

In case a submissive has to be released, there is frequently a release or “uncollaring” ritual. Ideally this is accomplished with compassion and fosters the ability to recognize the nice ( the thing that was learned, what was enjoyed) as much as the decision to pursue paths that are different. As such, part of a launch ritual or ceremony should acknowledge that the type for the relationship changes, going back energy back to the submissive, Downey escort reviews and burning or shredding their main collar. It will help both Dominant and submissive acknowledge that this work is decisive and creates a point of demarcation between past and future.

Reflection & Discussion

Collaring is a serious affair for the D/s few, no matter sex or orientation, and should never be entered into without appropriate soul-searching and extensive discussion by the events. Now we come to one’s heart of it – this will affect both of one’s life, you should be conscious of that impact which help each other through the noticeable modifications related to that effect.

Soul-searching is always needed by both in order to help figure out the individuals understanding of what is motivating them. Why do they would like to offer or be given a collar, what does the collar suggest for them and exactly what associations do they’ve they view the collar in terms of recognition of role, responsibility, and intent or goal with it, how do? You will never know your own heart or mind if you do not soul-search. Physically, I have submissives or possible slaves compose an assignment on this point, which facilitates the following step…

Discussion normally required by both to comprehend the view associated with other as well as you can. Take the right time to pay attention to the other – Listen earnestly while focusing on comprehending the others meaning and emotions above all. Provide each other the time and energy to express themselves without interruption, volunteering your views, or counterpoints. Set aside your anxiety about talking up, and express yourself as clearly and respectfully as you’re able to – Be Brave. Within the other through their eyes if you cannot discuss openly and patiently, you will neither know the other nor come to see yourself…


Finally, we notice that every Dominant has their own design, and exactly what has been described (distilled down from my own methods and my research) might not be for everyone. What I would however say, is the fact that whatever your l k, you ought to have a Reason because of it. Don’t vary simply because its t much, excessively work, t whatever – make sure you have a g d reason for why your training is the very own. Its perhaps not about justifying it to anyone, its about ensuring your own techniques are very well thought out because you’ll be impacting somebody else. That impact will likely be significant, which is only right and appropriate to do the due diligence and show obligation in creating that impact inside their lives. Be described as a accountable Dominant in your training and actions towards your submissive.

-Sir Vice Copyright 2014 Limits Unleashed

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