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Web use ’s almost universal among American teens; 95percent of those ages 12-17 are internet surfers, up slightly from November 2004 (when 87% of teens went online).

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Web use ’s almost universal among American teens; 95percent of those ages 12-17 are internet surfers, up slightly from November 2004 (when 87% of teens went online).

Component 1 Teenagers and Social Support Systems

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Web adoption in the long run by teens and adults

Internet use is greater among teenagers than among adults all together ( at the time of August 2011, 78% of all of the adults go online), although internet adoption rates among grownups ages 18-29 are identical to those found among teenagers.

Teen internet use has intensified over the years. A day and an additional 24% do so about once a day in this sample, 70% of teen internet users say they go online daily 46% do so several times. One-quarter (24%) use the internet weekly, whilst the remaining 6% go online every weeks that are few less usually. The proportion of teenager individuals who go online a few times each day has almost doubled since November 2004 (at that point, 24% of teen internet surfers reported going online several times on a daily basis) and contains increased by 10 portion points since September 2009, whenever 36% of teenager internet surfers reported going online multiple times per time.

You will find reasonably few differences that are demographic it comes down to how frequently teens go online, although older teens will probably achieve this with greater frequency than are younger teenagers. Completely 53% of teen individuals ages 14-17 use the internet times that are several day, in contrast to 30% of users many years 12-13.

Eight in ten online teenagers use social networks such as Twitter or MySpace, and 16% usage Twitter.

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Eight in ten online teenagers (80%) now use online networks such as for example Faceb k or MySpace, up from just over 50 % of online teens (55%) the time that is first measured myspace and faceb k web site use among teenagers in belated 2006. Social networking site use among teenagers is notably higher than it’s among adults in general; 64% of most online adults use these sites. Nonetheless, adults underneath the chronilogical age of 30 use these web sites at approximately the rate that is same teenagers; 87% of on line 18-29 12 months olds are social network site users.

Twitter adoption among teens pales in comparison to their usage of social networks in general. Yet, the number of teen Twitter users has doubled over the last 2 yrs; 16percent of online teens now use Twitter, up from 8% the very first time we asked this question in late 2009. Teenagers and adults now utilize Twitter at similar rates, as 12% of online grownups are Twitter users.

Just about all twitter that is teen take part in other online social network internet sites as well—just one respondent inside our study reported making use of Twitter however using just about any social network sites. 14 through the rest of the chapter as well as in the report that follows, the 80% of online teens who utilize social network sites and/or Twitter are known as teen media users that are social. They comprise 76% of all those many years 12-17.

Which groups of teens utilize social media?

Among teens, usage of social networks is fairly constant across a true amount of demographic groups. The youngest teens are less avid 45% of online 12-year-olds utilize these web sites. That figure nearly doubles involving the ages of 12 and 13, with 82% of 13-year-olds stating that they’ve been myspace and faceb k web site users.

In contrast to network that is social, Twitter usage among teens is marked by much more variation between groups. Particularly, girls are twice as most likely to make use of Twitter as men (22% of on the web girls use Twitter, weighed against 10% of online guys), and black colored teenagers are three times as likely to be Twitter users than either white or Latino teens (34% of online black teenagers use Twitter). Twitter adoption is particularly low among more youthful men, as simply 2% of online guys ages 12-13 are Twitter users.

Faceb k dominates teenager media that are social

Along with asking about general social media marketing usage, we additionally included a question on our July survey asking in regards to the certain social media web sites on which teenagers have actually developed a free account. Overall, Faceb k is the dominant social media place among teenagers, as 93% of teen social media users have a Faceb k account. MySpace ranks a distant second in general usage, with 24% of teen social networking users having a free account on this site. Among teen media users that are social

  • 93% have a merchant account on Faceb k
  • 24% have a merchant account on MySpace
  • 12% have actually a merchant account on Twitter 15
  • 7% have a free account for a Yah web site
  • 6% have actually a free account on YouTube
  • 2% have an account for each for the after Skype, myYearb k, and Tumblr
  • 1% have a free account on G gle Buzz

In total, 59% of teenager media that are social have an account on just one single site, while 41% have reports on numerous internet sites. Among teenagers with one media that are social, 89% maintain that one account on Faceb k as the remainder is spread among a number of web sites. And for teenagers with multiple records, fully 99% have actually a merchant account on Faceb k. Place another means, account ownership for the great majority of teen social media users boils down to either “Faceb k just” or “Faceb k plus another site or Filipino dating sites sites.”

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