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Historic populace. An item containing a number of historic|range that is wide of} demographic information heading back as far, where feasible, to your beginnings of European colonisation

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Historic populace. An item containing a number of historic|range that is wide of} demographic information heading back as far, where feasible, to your beginnings of European colonisation

Key statistics

  • The people increased from 4 million to 24 million.
  • Australians surviving in towns increased from 60 per cent to 90per cent.
  • Fertility dropped from 3.1 births per girl to 1.8.
  • Life span increased by 25 years considering that the very early.

Main features

Populace growth and size

Stimulated by the silver rushes, Australia’s populace had been recorded to be nearly four million. For the first an element of the twentieth century, normal enhance ended up being the primary factor to populace growth, as better living conditions saw births outnumber fatalities. After World War II, the fertility that is total expanded and Australia earnestly embarked on an immigration system to improve the populace. Fertility declined, in accordance with a slowdown in migration into the 1990s, populace development prices were low in the final a decade regarding the century when compared with decades that are post-war. Australia’s populace increased by simply over 25% to achieve 24 million. International migration is currently the driver that is main of’s populace development, accounting just for over 55% of Australia’s population enhance.

Age and intercourse framework

Australia’s population today is significantly older and contains a more balanced intercourse structure than. The median age was 22 years and just 4% of the population was aged 65 or over at the turn of the 20th century. Males outnumbered ladies (by around 110 to 100), since the populace have been dramatically shaped by male-dominated immigration. Because of the belated twentieth century, low fertility, decreasing mortality, and also the aging of this big infant growth generation combined to see a rise in the variety of the elderly. The median age had been 37 years, and 15% associated with the populace had been aged 65 and over. For every single 100 females there have been 98 men.

Populace circulation

Simply over one in three Australians (1.3 million) lived in money urban centers. The proportion of Australia’s population living in the capitals first tipped over 50% two-thirds of the population (16 million) resided in the capitals in line with increasing urbanisation across the world. Australia is just one of the earth’s many countries that are urbanised with nearly 90% regarding the nation staying in towns. better Brisbane’s populace increased the quickest of every money town (growing by 40%), followed by Perth (39%) and Darwin (36%).


Australia’s total fertility price dropped from on average 3.1 children per girl to 1.8 children, although fertility prices fluctuated on the duration. Through the Great anxiety, fertility dropped, then reached an high that is all-time the infant growth that used World War II. Personal transformations, including increased feminine involvement in the labour force and greater reproductive control, resulted in an immediate decrease when you look at the normal wide range of infants per Australian girl. The total fertility price is reasonably stable throughout the last three years, and reflects the propensity for partnering and childbearing to take place at many years than previously.


Considering that the very very very first ten years, endurance at delivery in Australia has steadily increased – by around 25 years for men and 26 years for females. These increases are caused by decreasing death prices at all ages, reflecting enhancing residing conditions, caused by improvements in public areas sanitation, meals quality, and better wellness training, and medical improvements such as for instance mass immunisation and antibiotics. A child kid could expect you’ll live 80 years, while a lady could expect you’ll live 85 years, ranking life that is australian among the greatest in the field.

Overseas-born populace

Nearly 30% of Australians had been created offshore. There has been changes that https://besthookupwebsites.org/pet-dating-sites/ are many the origin nations of immigrants since Federation, when anyone from Britain and Ireland constructed in excess of three-quarters of Australia’s overseas-born populace. After World War II, Australia accepted more and more individuals from other countries that are european specially Italy, Greece while the previous Yugoslavia. Following the dismantling for the White Australia policy and broadening of Australia’s immigration policies, brand new categories of migrants arrived from all elements of the planet (particularly from east and Asia that is south) increasing the variety of Australia’s populace.

Relating to this item

Australian Historical Population Statistics includes a range that is wide of information in spreadsheet structure (Microsoft Excel), heading back, where feasible, into the start of European colonisation of Australia.

Australian Historical Population Statistics contains information cubes from the after topics:

1. Populace growth and size 2. Populace age and intercourse framework 3. Population circulation 4. Births 5. Deaths 6. life span 7. Migration 8. nation of delivery 9. Overseas arrivals and departures 10. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populace

See Data Cubes (I-Note) complete report on tables available.

These information cubes have posted ABS information up. More up-to-date data can be obtained from the ABS site – begin to see the ABS that is individual Demography listed as sources in the bottom of every spreadsheet. A summary of associated ABS along with other items normally available from the methodology page.


The National Information and Referral Service for further information about these and related statistics, contact.

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