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Scott wasn’t regarding the show for very long, that is a pity, considering exactly how fascinating their relationships

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Scott wasn’t regarding the show for very long, that is a pity, considering exactly how fascinating their relationships

7 Vanessa and Serena

Vanessa had been more or less constantly a https://nakedcams.org/trans/ real estate agent of chaos, foiling many or even all the bunch’s that is main at one point or any other. Nonetheless, in a world that is differentwhere no guys got among them), Vanessa and Serena might have been buddies. Possibly even close friends, offered just how much they will have in accordance. The two artistic free spirits could have been a force to be reckoned with if they weren’t on the Upper East Side, or maybe just if Serena were in a slightly different position.

6 Ivy and Blair

While Ivy Dickens had been more an instrument of a genius that is evil an wicked genius inside her own right, Blair may have taken Ivy under her wing and revealed her how exactly to actually get exactly what she desired. If Ivy hadn’t spent therefore time that is much to destroy most of the primary figures’ everyday lives, there might are a non-zero possibility that Blair will have recognized Ivy just as one protege, much like the way she ‘helped’ Jenny.

5 Jenny and Blair

Jenny and Blair had a complex relationship. Jenny both hated Blair and wished to be her, while Blair saw her as either an enjoyment, an annoyance, or – in the long run – a suitable successor. f Blair hadn’t been quite so difficult on Jenny, of course Jenny have been either less underhanded or higher devious, they might have experienced a fascinating, if fraught, relationship, kind of like a far more complicated form of Blair and Serena.

4 Scott plus the Humphreys

Scott wasn’t regarding the show for very long, that will be a pity, considering precisely how fascinating the main cast could’ve to his relationships been. Due to the fact illegitimate son of Lily Van Der Woodsen, Serena’s mom, and Rufus Humphrey, Dan’s daddy, Scott possessed a significant link with a few people in top of the East Side. We do see him briefly interact with each of their biological family members, however it’s the time that is last seems when you look at the show. He previously a link with Dan and Rufus throughout the innovative arts – admiring Dan’s writing and achieving some normal musical ability of their own – and may have now been a part model and safe individual for Jenny to confide in if she’d stayed in as a regular character.

3 Scott while the Van Der Woodsens

As the concentrate on Scott is much more greatly linked with the Humphreys, that just makes the missed possibilities with the Van Der Woodsens much more disappointing. Serena and Eric have actually a bro they never ever knew about, and there’s never ever much reference to exactly how they use the news, or exactly what relationship they will have with him. Both Serena and Eric might have benefited from an support that is outside, particularly a person who shares their DNA not their upbringing. Scott may have assisted them really understand how all messed up some right areas of the top of East Side are, and perhaps also fundamentally assisted them to disengage as a result.

2 Scott and Really Every Person

While Chuck knew whom Scott Rosson had been from fairly in early stages, all of those other gang had been more or less held in the dark (except Vanessa). Nate and Blair may have had a way to be friends that are real Eric, Jenny, Dan, and Serena upon the revelation, plus it could have been interesting to see if and exactly how Scott surely could be brought to the Upper East Side fold. While he and Chuck probably would never be destined become close friends, it might have now been enjoyable to possess another kid almost as conniving to hold Chuck on their toes.

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