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Could I escape a contract to purchase vehicle from a vehicle dealer? Your Cooling-off liberties

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Could I escape a contract to purchase vehicle from a vehicle dealer? Your Cooling-off liberties

This factsheet provides you details about the ability to cancel a agreement with a engine automobile investor utilizing the period that is cooling-off the Motor Car Traders Act 1986 (Vic). What the law states Handbook provides information regarding other liberties you may have.

If you would like attempt to get free from agreement having a engine vehicle investor, look for legal counsel straight away. It could be even more difficult – and sometimes impossible – to exercise your legal rights if you allow too much time pass.


You’ve got the directly to cancel an agreement to shop for automobile from the engine vehicle investor:

Three ‘clear days’ will not are the time by that your agreement had been finalized, Saturday, Sunday or perhaps a vacation that is public] A notice setting-out your rights that are cooling-off be within the contract.[iii]


STEP ONE: Get advice about all of the liberties it’s likely you money loans in Virginia have to cancel the agreement, as well as your rights that are cooling-off.

STEP TWO: Fax a letter towards the engine vehicle investor

Termination on the basis of the cooling-off right must be written down. An example page are available below.

Make certain you keep a duplicate of one’s page and evidence you signing the contract that it was received by the motor car trader within three clear days of.


For agreements entered into on or after 3 November 2014, your cooling-off rights end in the event that you accept distribution for the automobile in the 3 time period that is cooling-off.[iv]

In the event that engine automobile investor informs you you do not have rights that are cooling-off get advice to ensure the investor is proper.


You have paid, but can keep if you exercise your cooling-off rights, the motor car trader must return any trade-in vehicle and most of the money:

You may have other grounds to cancel the agreement that do not need the re re re payment of the penalty, therefore get advice about your entire legal rights.

In the event that engine automobile investor will not get back your hard earned money (less the penalty) or keeps your trade-in car, you are able to connect with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to truly have the trade-in or money car came back. In the event that engine automobile trader gets rid of your trade-in automobile you’ll connect with the Motor Car Traders Guarantee Fund for payment.[vi]


If finance was already arranged, you might have to alert the finance business you have actually terminated the contract to purchase the automobile. Seek advice by what is necessary in your circumstances.[vii] You may want to spend finance costs currently incurred underneath the agreement.


The 3 day period that is cooling-off perhaps not use in most circumstances, such as for example whenever:

Test page

More Information

Consumer Affairs Victoria Tel: 1300 55 81 81

Warning: This reality sheet is for information just and may never be relied upon as legal counsel. These details is applicable just in Victoria, Australia and had been updated on 6 2017 june.

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[vii] parts 21 or 134 associated with the nationwide Credit Code may possibly provide assist with customers wanting to cancel credit agreements in a few circumstances

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