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Raya is really a article that is featured which means that it’s been recognized as one of the better articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.

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Raya is really a article that is featured which means that it’s been recognized as one of the better articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.

Raya application

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Raya may be the titular protagonist of Disney’s 2021 animated feature film, Raya and the final Dragon. The child of Chief Benja, she is the princess of Kumandra’s Heart Land. In her youth, Raya had been appointed the Guardian associated with the Dragon Gem. As s n as the Gem is broken, a plague known as the Druun had been unleashed upon the global world, switching much of humanity into stone—including Benja. To save her dad, Raya embarked for a quest to retrieve the Gem pieces and use its power to vanquish the Druun once and for all.


Formal Description

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Raya is just a headstrong young girl whom is mature and wisened for someone her age. She’s a really capable individual and is demonstrated to effortlessly adjust to situations around her. Despite her maturity, she retains a feeling of humor and sometimes shows a little bit of playfulness whenever this type of brief minute presents itself. She deeply cares on her behalf daddy and has a g d emotional attachment to certain people she considers her friends. Her biggest flaw is her inability to trust others. Apart from Sisu, many of her new allies are instantly deemed as suspicious or sinister in her eyes. With time, she learns to overcome these presssing problems and will see an individual is actually g d. Raya is really a really focused specific and is determined to see things through to the end.

Physical appearance

Raya is an 18-year-old Southeast Asian girl of typical height by having a slender, somewhat muscular create, tan skin, long black hair, and brownish eyes. She often wears a yellowish shirt, a brown vest, a brown belt, olive green jeans with light green stripes, dark brown b ts with mar n cuffs, a red cape with a thin turquoise stripe and a yellowish necklace around her throat, and a Guangdong style hat that is conical. She also wears a blue musical organization above her elbow, and a dense brown wristband on her behalf right arm.


  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist Raya had been ebonyflirt.com exercising her blade fighting and her time that is only that dad was helping them fight around. And she had been carrying it out by herself.

Weapons and gear

  • Kali Sticks In Raya’s youth, she utilized these for training. They certainly were also her weapon that is primary at time.
  • Whip Sword Raya’s primary t l as an adult that belonged to her father, Chief Benja. She utilizes it such as for instance a typical weapon that is bladed nevertheless the blade can detatch in a long-bladed string that she makes use of to seize and attack from afar. It’s also utilized as a grappling h k.

Additionally, Raya’s mode of transportation is really a giant capsule bug and pug and armadillo-like creature named Tuk Tuk, who are able to travel at intense speeds.

Role within the film

Raya first appears in her youth, tested by her father for the role associated with the Guardian associated with the Dragon Gem, which provides the abilities of Sisu and protects Heart through the Druun. She successfully passes and earns the name. Chief Benja invites the Tail, Talon, Spine, and Fang Lands to join in a feast. Throughout the ongoing celebration, Raya befriends Princess Namaari associated with Fang Land. They straight away relationship and form a close friendship because of their provided interest in dragons. Namaari offers Raya a pendent that is dragon-shaped. In return, Raya reveals to Namaari the concealed located area of the Dragon Gem, only to be fundamentally betrayed by her. The other nations s n arrive with their location and fought over the orb. Because of this, the Dragon Gem ended up being shattered into five broken pieces and awoke the Druun. Throughout the evacuation, Raya has difficulty holding her father that is injured to. Once you understand they will not make it, Benja sacrifices himself to offer Raya an item of the orb and throws her off the bridge in to the river below. Her away as she falls, Raya is forced to watch her father get turned into a stone statue by the devouring plague and can only scream as the current drifts.

Six years later, Raya is venturing across the Tail Land, l king for Sisu, the living that is last who are able to help her save your self Kumandra and restore her dad. After searching from river to river, Raya results in an old shipwreck at ab muscles end associated with land. She places offerings and succeeds in awakening the water dragon from her long slumber. Sisu agrees to help her get the staying items of the Dragon Gem. Raya and Sisu travel on Tuk Tuk towards the true house of the Tail Land’s chief. Raya successfully avoids most of the traps placed within and carefully removes a treasure piece through the keeps for the chief, whom died to her own traps. Namaari arrives with her army and also the trio quickly escape up to a watercraft called, “The Shrimporium”, owned by a kid named Boun. The team then heads towards the Talon Land.

Reaching Talon, Raya encounters a” that is“con-baby Noi and her Onjis, whom steal the treasure fragments. She chases the thieves through the entire market and in the end catches up for them. Along with their help, Raya has the capacity to infiltrate the home of Talon’s chief, Dang Hu. She accidentally mistakes him for another person and finds out he could be currently long gone, with a chief that is new their destination. The brand new chief tricked Sisu become stuck utilizing the Drunn if she does not reveal the positioning associated with the other Dragon Gem pieces. Raya comes on the scene, snatches a gem piece from the chief and rescues Sisu. They go back to Boun’s motorboat with Noi and her Onjis and headed to your Spine Land.

During the Spine Land, Raya and Sisu finished up being captured by way of a solid giant called Tong, the lone survivor of his people. When Namaari and her military get to the front gates, Raya pleads Tong to just take her buddies to safety them time with the enemies while she buys. Her buddies used the program while she fought Namaari. The Fang princess gained the upper hand during the battle and ended up being planning to finish Raya until Sisu jumped in and saved her life.

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