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this type of good notion. This is the reason i will be therefore enthusiastic about your website, you’re constantly therefore available and Everyone loves it!

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this type of good notion. This is the reason i will be therefore enthusiastic about your website, you’re constantly therefore available and Everyone loves it!

Now I am able to utilize oil that is coconut love, every thing within my life. YAY.

I like articles such as this. Reminds me personally of senior school when my band of woman buddies would all satisfy up after each and every of y our time that is“first, and share every detail, guidelines, concerns, shrieks, giggles the greatest. I utilized coconut oil for this function a few years back whenever my own body experienced some strange hormone thing. When it comes to very first time ever I experienced dryness to the level of constant disquiet. It had been like a preview that is brief of I’ve heard menopause could be like. A great deal even even worse somehow than “dryness” noises. Coconut oil made me feel normal once again. This does remind me personally of twelfth grade this kind of HS post. HAHA! And also the thing that is hormonal interesting, I’ve heard a whole lot about coconut oil balancing hormones.

Coconut oil is a specially good lube for bath sex.. Water does not clean it off.. You’re ladies that are welcome? Great tip hahah. Many Thanks Annie!

Day this made my. Hahaha many thanks!! lauryn you simply fucking stone. really. i read your entire articles and you also have the ability to laugh and then leave with knowledge. thank you for maintaining it genuine literally 1000% of that time. you might be my fav. Seriously love this post!! we hate hate hate drugstore lube. I’ve always felt like I happened to be having a mini reaction that is allergic. And I also utilize coconut oil for many everything else but never ever believed THAT. Likely to test it out for!! I adore if it gets in your mouth… haha.Btw, I’m sure you already know this… but you have to pee after sex to avoid the UTIs… if I just went to the bathroom I won’t even let my husband start something for a bit… I have to be able to pee right after… haven’t had a UTI in years that you can use it to transition from massage and fun, to even more fun ; )… AND not a big deal

Lol! This kind of idea that is good. This is the reason i will be therefore enthusiastic about your website, you’re constantly therefore open and it is loved by me!

What type or brand of coconut oil could you recommend? I’m a volunteer user worker within my food co that is local op. Have you been talking about the thicker consistency brands of coconut oil in jars or the fluid kind typically utilized for cooking? We appreciate your coconut oil topic since I’m a breast cancer survivor & cannot have lubricants that are estrogenic is a challenge. While you stated numerous “over the countertop” lubricants have parabens. Many thanks! Melinda

Literally enthusiastic about you. This post simply made my last few minutes of work bearable! XO, Kollin therefore i’d like to begin by saying you may be certainly one of my personal favorite bloggers plus one associated with the reasoned explanations why is since you speak to your supporters just like a gf would; no filter and I also think it’s great! The coconut oil thing? I had thought about this before but we never tried it because We never been aware of anybody who makes use of it for the function and I also never don’t forget to ask my OBGYN .Thanks for the end and today I don’t feel therefore strange about trying coconut oil back at my jayjay any longer.

Think it’s great! Thank’s for the end, can’t wait so it can have a go. Additionally, many thanks for telling us to keep carefully the lid to my coconut oil!! regrettably i’ve been keeping mine open having a spoon on it for effortless access into the early morning for oil pulling/smoothies. Many thanks! Is going to be wasting and buying a jar that is new. XO

We for just one appreciate this post. Lots of lubes irritated my hoohah so I’ll give this an attempt!! Many Many Thanks for branching out and having a danger! Lauryn this might be great! Does it destroy sheets?? The coco oil this is certainly… ? It gets regarding the sheets ; ), but does not stain at all. And whom doesn’t like their bed island that is smelling? HAHA. I got myself a huge container of MCT oil at Whole Foods a while right back in bullet proof coffee thinking I would use it. That didn’t discuss so well and really screwed up my belly. I’ve been wanting to show up with uses adult webcam because of this material (because We literally have gallon from it). I’m unsure on my skin like regular coconut oil, but I might give this try if I can use it! Any makes use of for MCT you are aware of will be great.

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