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USCIS considers some papers as more convincing evidence of a genuine relationship.

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USCIS considers some papers as more convincing evidence of a genuine relationship.

  • Strong evidence: Joint banking account, life insurance coverage, wills, joint leases, joint resources
  • Moderate proof: Joint travel itineraries, split utilities, texting, phone logs
  • Weaker proof: Cards, affidavits from friends/family, single travel itineraries, seats to programs

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Answering Concerns at Your Meeting

The green card meeting is the 2nd window of opportunity for one to establish that the wedding is authentic. Nonetheless it’s put up differently for virtually any few, according to in which the spouse looking for a card that is green lives:

  • In the event that partner looking for a card that is green abroad, they are going to go to their meeting at a U.S. embassy or consulate in their property nation — with no sponsoring partner. an officer that is consular conduct the meeting.
  • In the event that partner looking for a card that is green in the us, they’re going to go to their meeting at their regional USCIS field workplace — using the sponsoring partner. A USCIS officer shall conduct the meeting.

Some USCIS officers interview couples together, whereas other people might interview them separately. Frequently, yet not always, questioning the few individually is an indicator that the USCIS officer suspects wedding fraud.

Concerns to anticipate

They would expect married couples to be able to answer easily whether you’re interviewed separately or together, the interviewing officer will ask questions. They frequently focus on not at all hard, predictable questions regarding where you met and just how your relationship started, but officers have actually significant freedom within the concerns they could ask.

Don’t be surprised, either, in case the meeting gets individual. You may be expected:

  • Whether you utilize contraception and, if that’s the case, the type?
  • Whether your partner has tattoos or birthmarks and whatever they seem like
  • What forms of marital difficulties you’ve experienced and just how you overcame them
  • Whom rests by which part for the sleep?

For a far more step-by-step directory of the most typical meeting concerns, along with helpful meeting tips, always check down our guide to finding your way through the wedding green card meeting.

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Unique Circumstances

Some partners searching for a card that is green not need a U.S. Social safety quantity (SSN). This could be the scenario whenever, for instance, they initially joined america on a short-term, non-employment-based visa then married a U.S. resident or card holder that is green.

The couple could provide the following (in place of documents that would require an SSN to obtain) to prove the authenticity of a marriage in this situation:

  • Papers of travel together (such as for instance seats showing you had been regarding the exact same trip or hotel reservations showing each of the names)
  • Photos regarding the few together
  • Individual affidavits (penned statements) — plus copies of the valid picture IDs — from buddies and household attesting with their understanding of your wedding

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Initial copies of:

  • Wedding pictures, such as for example during the courthouse and celebrating with family
  • Photos from events https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/mcallen/, activities, and trips (as a couple of sufficient reason for relatives and buddies) s panning this course of the relationship and during major life occasions
  • Letters, email messages, or cards you provided for one another
  • Receipts for just about any gift suggestions (such as for example candy, plants, or precious precious jewelry, maybe perhaps perhaps not everyday items for your home, such as for example food) you bought for every other (receipts or invoices listing one partner given that “bill to” title plus the other partner while the “ship to” or “recipient” title are specially helpful)

Stronger versus weaker proof

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